JORGEN MEDICATED SHAMPOO - 8 oz  Ships in 2 days

JORGEN MEDICATED SHAMPOO - 8 oz Ships in 2 days

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Jorgen Medicated Shampoo is non- alkaline and very effective against dandruff. Everyone - with naturally growing hair,a system or a graft - who wants a healthy and refreshed scalp should use it regularly. Jorgen Medicated Shampoo is alsoessential for the permanently attached hair wearer because it prevents build-up which can cause scalp irritation and odor.

It's pH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 deep cleans, moisturizes and gives hair body. Active ingredients eliminate bacteria so

the scalp stays clean and fresh and the hair system or graft remains odor-free.

From the sun-drenched beaches of California to the long dark winters of Scandinavia, men are caring for their hair with Jorgen's exciting line of specialized products. Jorgen brings European excellence to America. The complete Jorgen product line is formulated in Europe and prepared for distribution exclusively through retail professionals in America. Each formula uses carefully selected ingredients that are balanced to provide optimum performance and keep naturally growing hair moisturized.